Åse Vikse Printmaker

The joys and wonders of printmaking on show

Åse Vikse is a traditional printmaker, originally from the wild and scenic West Coast of Norway and now based in Scotland. The unique history and traditions of her heritage are conveyed throughout her work.

Looking to develop a brand identity and portfolio website to showcase and sell her prints, she proposed Swanfield to take the lead on this challenge.

Åse Vikse Web Gallery Homepage

Swanfield devised an essential, yet warm brand identity that could convey Åse’s Norwegian aesthetics and keen passion for printmaking.

The identity is reflected throughout her new website, which, going beyond a mere portfolio, has become Åse’s own art gallery ‘in the cloud’.

The new identity makes use of Åse’s existing monogram logo, coupled with a new word mark. This has the purpose of helping her clients link her artworks to her persona.

Åse Vikse Brand Guidelines
Åse Vikse Stationery
Åse Vikse Business Cards
Åse Vikse Brand Guidelines

Swanfield developed Åse’s web gallery entirely from scratch, ensuring this would allow her prints to shine. Åse’s aesthetics are communicated with subtle touches throughout her website, from pattern details to typography.

Åse Vikse Web Gallery
Åse Vikse Web Gallery About Page

Swanfield helped Åse set up an online shop where to sell her prints, linked to her new web gallery.

Åse Vikse Online Shop

Åse’s new brand identity and web gallery give prominence to the passion and pride she puts in her work. Her background and heritage have been expressed throughout the collateral, allowing her audience to nurture a fondness for her printmaking — and to develop an intimate relationship.

‘I could not be more grateful for Swanfield’s meticulous work. The outcome turned out exactly as I hoped, managing to showcase my prints in the best of lights. Swanfield’s support has benefitted my work as a printmaker enormously.’

— Åse Vikse