How a young publication became a university’s favourite read

Radar is Robert Gordon University’s non-profit magazine, written and edited by students, for students. Its newsroom covers local, national and international news, reports on events and local entertainment, and informs an audience of more than 15,000 students.

Radar evolved from an initially light-hearted outlet of student news into a fully fledged periodical, rich in opinionated articles and analyses. A more mature editorial line needed to be met by a revamped visual identity, which could be meaningful to all students at Robert Gordon University.

Radar Business Cards

Swanfield’s founder Alessandro joined Radar in 2017, taking up the role of Creative Director. Managing the editorial design project from inception to delivery, Alessandro worked closely with Radar’s Editor-in-Chief, Lauren Taylor, to give Radar’s print edition a quirky, yet balanced look.

The new editorial design style gives Radar a distinctive appearance that students can recognise in all its issues, building a personality for the magazine.

Radar’s new print edition design maintains a balance between text sections and visual features, which include quotes, photography, and infographics.

Every new issue of Radar has a unique cover illustration, reflecting the issue’s theme and main topics.

Radar Magazine Cover
Radar Magazine Article
Radar Magazine Cover and Insert

Merchandise items allow Radar’s team to engage students at campus events, inviting them to read Radar and spread its content.

Radar Stationery

Rich in imaginative articles and visual features, Radar’s newly designed print edition is now published quarterly and delivered to all first-year students. It is also distributed strategically across the Robert Gordon University campus, at events, and at popular meeting points in Aberdeen.

‘Alessandro played a key role in reshaping Radar. His editorial design work allowed Radar to become much more than just any other student-led magazine. By developing coherent marketing strategies pertinent to our target audience, Alessandro helped Radar reach a wider and wider reader base.’

— Lauren Taylor, Editor-in-Chief of Radar Magazine