A Vision for Aberdeen

Self-initiated proof of concept

Aberdeen is famed for its strong economic landscape and is often described as the Energy Capital of Europe. However, could Aberdeen be more than this? Could it be a cradle for start-ups, the media, the arts? Could it be a touristic destination comparable to the Lake District?

Our goal for this project was providing Aberdeen City Council with a proof-of-concept brand identity placing Aberdeen on a national and international scale as an exciting destination for business and leisure.

At the core of our proposal is the fern species Athyrium distentifolium. Commonly known as Alpine lady-fern, this plant grows in adverse weather conditions on the Cairngorms mountains and has adapted to thrive during the early spring season, under layers of snow.

The tenaciousness and resilience of the Alpine lady-fern becomes in this proposal a symbol of Aberdeen’s entrepreneurial mindset and a new logo for Aberdeen City Council.

Proposed Logo for Aberdeen City Council

Reflecting the city’s long and successful history is paramount in the application of our proposal throughout stationery, promotional items and correspondence.

Aberdeen City Council Business Cards and Notepad Aberdeen City Council Letterhead and Envelope

Aberdeen City Council’s proposed brand identity can be used consistently, yet flexibly in advertising campaigns with the aim of promoting the city and the many discoveries to be made in the surrounding shire.

Aberdeen City Council Newspaper Insert

As the brand's core feature and symbol, the Alpine lady-fern could be deployed on a broad range of touch points throughout the city, such as bus stop signs, city limit signs and the council's vast fleet of vans. This could help both locals and visitors get to know the new brand, and what Aberdeen has to offer.