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Self-initiated proof of concept

Bringing a unique architectural wonder back to its former days of glory.

Glen o’Dee was the first sanatorium to be built in Scotland on the fresh‑air principle. Each room was designed to admit as much pure sunlight and fresh air as possible, making this a truly unique building in Scotland. Sadly, the site of the sanatorium now lies derelict. There is scope for revitalising the site by rebuilding the Glen o'Dee sanatorium on its ruins and turning it into a luxury hotel, the Glensgate Hotel & Spa.

Promoting a rich and proud local heritage to a cosmopolitan audience.

This case study brings to life a vision of the new Glensgate Hotel & Spa in the form of the hotel's brand identity, website and various assets. These could help make Glensgate Hotel & Spa a top destination in Scotland and beyond, placing it on the market against a range of competitors in the luxury sector.

Redefining the luxury hospitality sector in a beautiful corner of Scotland.

The site is situated in a strategic location for the hospitality industry, with breath-taking scenery and immediate access to Royal Deeside. The local area abounds with outdoors activities and opportunities for relaxation and leisure. Sustainable, high-end tourism could be encouraged at the Glensgate Hotel & Spa throughout marketing, branding and advertising, as well as in the project’s architectural plan and management.

Read the case study and learn more about the Glensgate Hotel & Spa.