Highlights from the Herbarium

Self-initiated proof of concept

Herbariums are collections of plant specimens, preserved for scientific studies. The Herbarium at Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE) contains more than three million specimens, and this incredibly vast collection records two thirds of the world's flora.

To raise awareness of the fragility of living species and the loss of biodiversity, we planned and designed a proof of concept for an exhibition of specimens of endangered plants from the RBGE Herbarium, 'Highlights from the Herbarium'.

Posters advertising the exhibition could be placed in key public spaces throughout the city of Edinburgh, such as bus shelters.

Highlights from the Herbarium Exhibition Posters

The exhibition could include art display panels guiding the visitors throughout the exhibition space, and providing captions for the specimens displayed.

Highlights from the Herbarium Exhibition Entry Display Panel

Highlights from the Herbarium could be accompanied by a print catalogue of the specimens displayed at the exhibition. The catalogue could also function as a reference book for those attending the exhibition.

Highlights from the Herbarium Exhibition Catalogue

The RBGE Herbarium catalogue website, containing more than a million pictures of specimens, could receive a major updated. This could make it responsive, bring a new visual style co-ordinated with the exhibition's advertising campaign, and improve user experience.

Homepage of Herbarium Website

Highlights from the Herbarium could attract scores of visitors to Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and increase its popularity, making it one of the top attractions in Edinburgh.