Reshape Our Community

Self-initiated proof of concept

The struggling town of Rochdale, Greater Manchester, was once a prosperous industrial centre and hosted the world’s biggest asbestos factory. This hazardous material left a huge mark on Rochdale, killing thousands and tearing families apart.

Reshape Our Community is a proposal for a new space, the Rochdale Victims of Asbestos Arts Centre.

Reclaimed from the factory’s crumbling site, the Arts Centre could bring world-class cultural events to Rochdale, and empower the locals with new opportunities and prospects.

Rochdale Victims of Asbestos Arts Centre Façade

An integrated campaign could advertise the Arts Centre’s opening throughout the Greater Manchester area, attracting visitors to Rochdale. This could revive the local high street, and bring profit to shops, restaurants, pubs and hotels.

Rochdale Victims of Asbestos Arts Centre Billboard
Rochdale Victims of Asbestos Arts Centre Poster

Arts centres have revived urban areas in struggle all over the world by promoting interaction within the local community and bringing in more affluent visitors.

Rochdale Victims of Asbestos Arts Centre would be no different. After its opening, it would keep the locals involved with world-class cultural events and provide a platform for education. The venue would be the key to Rochdale’s future.