Swanfield can support you at all stages of shaping your brand, from initial market analysis through to identity, marketing collateral and campaigns.

Brand Strategy

Swanfield can help you position your brand on the market and outplay your competitors with insightful, comprehensive market analysis. We can support established companies and new ventures alike, whether you are looking to discover the most appropriate name and mission for your brand, or to identify the best opportunities for growth.

Swanfield can help your organisation with:

— Market research and segmentation

— Brand naming

— Competitor research and analysis

— Brand positioning and differentiation

— Mission statement, vision and core values

— Client acquisition and engagement strategy

Brand Identity

Swanfield can bring your brand to life by designing a meaningful graphic language, from colours to typography to a unique logo, as well as setting your brand's tone of voice and strapline. We can help you ensure consistency throughout your marketing assets and campaigns with a detailed brand guidelines manual.

Swanfield can help your organisation with:

— Visual identity

— Tone of voice

— Brand guidelines

— Iconography

Brand Collateral

Swanfield can tailor marketing and advertising collateral to your business's goals, whether you are entering the market, expanding your offer or aiming to reach your audience more effectively. We can deliver assets and campaigns for both print and digital platforms, create clear visual representations of complex concepts and make an impact in the real world with accessible wayfinding systems.

Swanfield can help your organisation with:

— Collateral design and art direction

— Information and presentation design

— Integrated campaigns

— Website design

— Creative copywriting

— Wayfinding

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a brand identity more than a logo?

A logo is merely one single visual aspect of a brand and, by itself, it will not be able to bring value to a business. This is because logos become meaningful symbols and represent brands consistently only in a wider visual context. This wider system of colours, typography, imagery, inconography, tone of voice and visual treatments is what makes a brand unique.

What are Swanfield's typical project fees?

Project proposals are tailored to our clients' requirements and goals, and are produced after one or more initial client consultations. Therefore, project fees may vary wildly depending on factors ranging from project scope to deliverables and rounds of client feedback. We tend not to price our projects hourly, as we believe that every project has unique requirements that can not be timed unequivocally.

What steps are involved in delivering a project?

We will start with a discovery phase, where we familiarise ourselves with our customers' businesses on the one hand, and understand their objectives on the other. We will then proceed with analysing the market, competitors and target audience. Subsequently, all phases of idea generation and development for brand strategy, brand identity and brand collateral deliverables will involve our customers' feedback and input. It is important to keep in mind that every client has unique needs and our process will be tailored to every project.

If you have any other question, you are welcome to drop us a line or give us a call.